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Pilates works all the muscle groups in your body - with dramatic results. It can streamline your figure, making you longer and leaner, give you incredible posture and physical presence, build up your strength, and free you from any persistent little aches and pains. Pilates focuses on gaining muscle alignment, achieving a flexible spine and obtaining what is called 'core strength' - when the abdominals and back muscles create a girdle of strength that supports your torso effortlessly. Pilates can align your muscles and teach you balance with easy, efficient movements. Basic starter exercises and more advanced positions challenge you as you progress.

The Red Thread Of Pilates The Integrated System And Variations Of Pilates - The Arm/baby Chair

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For years Baby sat in the corner- "It's for old ladies and delicate dancers" we were told. So for years Baby sat.... Off to the side and out of the light. This book will change your mind about the Arm/Baby Chair! It contains exercises that challenge the strongest of strong. The Arm /Baby Chair teaches us the missing component in the Pilates of today. It teaches us how to lift and engage our Powerhouse in the correct manner. You will learn to move with length in two directions from a strong center. The Arm/ Baby Chair connects the front body to the back body and then both more deeply into the Powerhouse. Unique to this book, you will not only learn the how of each exercise, but the why, when and what. Why would I choose the Baby Chair instead of the Cadillac? When would I add a spot, bar or Magic Circle, What is the purpose of this exercise and how does it connect to the work of Pilates? Once again, the RED THREAD is woven and the connection is understood between the Mat and Reformer to increase a greater under- standing of Pilates as a Method. This book contains three examples for each exercise to understand what you would see during the Mat or Reformer to make you GO TO THE BABY CHAIR. So out of the corner Baby and into center stage cause nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Pilates Yoga

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There are many benefits of practising yoga and Pilates: as the body begins to function at its peak, stamina rises, strength improves and body confidence hits an all-time high. This three-in-one guide combines expert tuition with step-by-step photography to create an enjoyable series of exercises for body and mind. Begin by correcting habitual poor posture with simple realignment exercises, and progress towards greater mobility - in the comfort of your own home, and in your own time. Journey through the classic asanas of Iyengar Yoga, the most widely practised of all yoga methods. Asanas develop body awareness, muscles and flexibility, and have been grouped to allow movements to flow together with ease. There are opportunities to modify postures according to experience, and to focus on key areas of the body in order to perfect the pose. Simple props are also recommended for less flexible students. Rediscover core strength with Pilates, a jargon-free course designed to strengthen and streamline your body by working from its centre. Pilates aligns the muscles in the back and abdominals, to create a vital support for the torso and internal organs, with a revolutionary impact on posture. Follow target-muscle diagrams to keep on the right track, and complement your strength-based technique with recommended cardiovascular exercises. Yoga-Pilates fuses the stretching and balance of yoga with the muscle tone of Pilates. The objective is to promote "enjoyment of life through the body", creating balance between the muscles, lengthening the spine, and freeing the back and chest. Learn to "lift" the body during exercise, and see all movements become fluid and light. Specific sequences designed to relax or energize the body are the perfect foil to the stresses of modern living. Use this book as a safe, personal guide, or as an aid to further instruction. Over 700 colour photographs capture the intricacy of all poses and highlight common mistakes.


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